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Prior to launching G Squared Wireless in 2005, Heather Gee-Thomas and Diane Gentle McDaniel were sales executives with AT&T. It was from this vantage point that they noted a glaring inefficiency within the corporate structures of their clients: The management of most companies’ wireless services fell into an organizational black hole somewhere between the IT and telecom departments. This shortcoming, Heather and Diane noted, invariably resulted in inflated subscriber costs, the underutilization of ever-evolving technologies, increased staff downtime, help-desk nightmares, and frustrated end users. And by identifying this problem, they saw an opportunity. Together, these lifelong friends formed G Squared Wireless. Their mission? To provide organizations solution-oriented wireless consulting services, company-specific training, affordable device procurement, seamless deployment, and top-rated help-desk services.

To help fulfill this mission, Heather and Diane chose to house all of G Squared’s departments under one roof as a way to cultivate interdepartmental synergies. As predicted, water-cooler conversations soon gave way to novel innovations – operational improvements such as freeing help-desk associates from their unwavering adherence to scripts. After a brief trial period, they found that this forward-thinking approach to customer service unlocked the expertise of G2W’s help-desk associates to better facilitate communication, thereby illuminating the most direct path to a solution.

This approach helped G2W earn its immutable reputation for its ability to elevate their clients from catastrophic internal help-desk situations to best-in-class environments. These early clients, in fact, described the services the growing company provided as “unbelievable,” and “metamorphic.” Naturally, these successes led to others, which paved the way for G Squared’s continued expansion.

With more than a decade of experience in the wireless industry and a proven track record of success, G2W offers its clients the latest, most-secure technologies the wireless industry has to offer. Today, industry experts consistently recognize G2W as providing best-in-class support to some of the world’s most exciting – and recognized – brands.
G Squared Wireless is a minority-owned business. It is WBE Certified with federal minority status, and is registered with the State of Tennessee.

Additionally G Squared Wireless was chosen as the inaugural winner of the Athena Powerlink Award which helps women expand their business profitability by matching her with a team of volunteer advisors for a year of mentoring.  For more information visit: http://aplnashville.org/featured.html



“G Squared has proven why we partner with them for everything mobile for so many years. Their knowledge, attention to detail, procurement processes, and customer service far surpass expectations. They teach ME what I need to know with up and coming products and innovations, which is reassuring when offering these new technologies to our end users.”
~ Director of Mobility, Major Pharmaceutical Company

“G Squared is as close to autopilot as wireless management can get. And their services are affordable.”
~ Contract Manager, Transportation Company

“Simply put, G2W is a smart investment.”

“G Squared Wireless means one less thing I have to worry about. I know they have my back.”
~ IT Director, Worldwide Banking Company

“I was both impressed and deeply appreciative of what G Squared did for me.”
~ IT Management, Government Securities Company

“I was helped very professionally and competently in a moment of emergency by G Squared. I had a complicated transaction that required provisioning of a loaner device for international travel, which required my contacts to be transferred to the loaner, and a replacement device for when I returned. Your help desk was personable, efficient and helpful in supporting me, and let me just add – very quick.”
~ Management team, International Healthcare Company

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