iMessage Apps in iOS 10 are a Boon for Productivity – By Lake Lucas

For years iMessage has been a communication medium of choice for many business people around the world. iPhone’s ubiquity throughout the enterprise sector has cemented it as one of the leading ways to connect with both colleagues and clients. Because the app is built in to iOS and on by default people seem to lean on it for communication with friends, family and colleagues.

With iOS 10 Apple is expanding the capabilities of iMessage by allowing third party software developers to build parts of their apps right inside the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

Two standouts at the launch of iOS 10 are iTranslate by iTranslate and Scanner Pro by Readle.

iTranslate is a powerful translation keyboard that comes up in Messages and allow you to translate your native language into almost any other one you may need if you work with people around the world, from Spanish to Mandarin to Russian Cyrillic and so on.


The app is free and can be found here. It does offer an optional pro mode which can be unlocked via an in-app-purchase for $19.99 USD a year and allows for a few other features including an offline mode and website translation.


Another great app is Scanner Pro by Readle. Readle is a long time iOS software development company and they are known for quickly adopting new technologies Apple introduces to iOS.

When you open the app you are presented with a camera interface that allows you to select what kind of scan you would like to make.

By default the scans are black and white but you can also choose from color and grayscale. When paired with the high resolution cameras found on iPhone the scans are comparable if not better than those made by traditional flatbed scanners and the swift process to capture the image and send largely negates any quality gains you may have by using your office scanner.

After you have scanned the document the app allows you to save as a .pdf or a .jpeg file and send in line in your iMessage conversation.

On the receiving end your recipient is able to save to their cloud service of choice and share accordingly.Scanner pro can be purchase for a one-time purchase $3.99 USD here.

Both of these apps are powerful productivity tools and because they can be quickly accessed within Messages now they are even more useful.

As more and more developers begin to utilize the new iMessage API’s in iOS 10 it will be interesting to see where this ecosystem goes and how iMessage will become a larger part of enterprise communication.
Written by

Lake Lucas / Implementation Manager
G Squared Wireless