Mobile Device Management in the Enterprise

The world is changing and companies are evolving. Part of this is due to the natural progression of change. The other is due to the evolution of technology. Many companies have grown accustomed to living by the former without adopting the latter and have realized within a very short amount of time, their process’ are being phased out by those which are newer, faster, and more powerful. Technology has revealed that innovative possibilities are endless.

One of the major changes in the last decade in the world of mobile device management is the replacement of Blackberry as the number one device used in the Enterprise when it comes to mobile email solutions. At one point, if a company wanted to provide mobile access to their company email, the only sensible route to choose was Blackberry. Blackberry offered security unmatched by anyone in the industry when it came to encryption of information sent between mobile devices. This was successful for several years and then something happened that no one saw coming; Apple. More specifically, the iPhone was introduced.

For example, look at the direction that Blackberry has taken compared to the direction Apple has since the launch of the first iPhone. Blackberry relied on the natural progression of business to keep up with the times and it failed miserably. Apple took steps to continue to cut down the proverbial Blackberry and the gap they had established as a leader in the industry. They continued to modify and tweak their approach while Blackberry sat back on their reputation that they still offered the most secure environment for businesses to control corporate email. This was the last, the biggest, and the final mistake for Blackberry. Apple figured out how to make their email secure and while it did not offer the same level of protection as Blackberry, some businesses started to transition because it was “close enough”, but Apple kept “innovating”. They launched the iPad and subsequent iPhones and with each release they captured more and more of the market share of the mobile device business.

Once Apple became the world leader in mobile device ingenuity, more companies adopted and embraced the world of iPhone as well as Android. This has happened at such a rapid rate that companies have been forced to find solutions to keep their employees happy with the devices they have instead of forcing them to use a Blackberry. Why would a company look to change? Because companies realized that a large percentage of their employees would not carry their corporate Blackberries, opting to only have email on their laptops. This meant that companies were wasting money on devices that their workforce was not using, especially when the iPad became another household item.

What is the solution to allowing employees to carry their non-Blackberry devices and still have the security that Blackberry offered? This was the major question posed industry wide, and in 2003 a company named AirWatch was one of the first to tackle this issue head on. Companies such as AirWatch, MaaS360, and other MDM (Mobile Device Management) companies began to form and look for solutions to providing security for mobile non-Blackberry devices. This MDM solution would operate in a very similar fashion to the BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server). It would allow for companies to place restrictions on the devices such as blocking web sites, blocking cloud backup, pushing corporate specific messages and apps, blocking international usage, remote wipes and many other functions to provide companies with added levels of security to their infrastructure.

Many have bought in to the power of companies such as AirWatch so much so that AirWatch was just acquired for over one billion dollars. Other MDM providers are increasingly becoming more valuable each time a new device is rolled out. Though the MDM platform is fairly intuitive, there are companies out there that maintain and support the MDM platforms on behalf of the companies that have purchased the MDM licenses. G Squared Wireless is an industry leader in MDM support and continually partners with all MDM platforms to ensure that our agents are able to provide top level support for these MDM environments. Knowing and understanding MDM is critical to maintain your company’s security and viability within the mobile device industry. Your company is too valuable to wait for the natural adaptation. The time is now to get ahead of technology or you run the risk of becoming an afterthought. Do you remember the Palm Treo? Exactly.

-Andre Collins


Meet Your Help Desk: Andre Collins

André has been with G2W for 6 years. He has helped with many aspects of the company and is one of the longest tenured representatives of the company. André is a multi-talented individual. He is a former football player for the University of Louisville, an entrepreneur, music producer and artist, and is currently in school at Belmont University getting his Master’s degree.

When André isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Jacqueline and his daughter Jazz, recording music, watching sports, and travelling. André named his recording studio after the motto he lives by; T.A.T.A.T.A.Y. which means, tomorrow ain’t today and today ain’t yesterday. André lives each day trying to get the best out of it.