Respect for Procurement

Procurement may seem like an easy task, but below the surface it is a savior of time and resources.

An employee needs a device? Place an order… Simple enough, but within our Procurement Department it is not usually an individual device. In many cases a remote employee may need an air-card, while a large team needs tablets to test a product. Then there is always that one resource trying to use a Razr from 2004. Finally, John dropped his phone in the toilet…again. As time goes on and your company grows, ten devices can quickly increase to one thousand, and managing all of those lines while keeping track of order numbers with shipping information can quickly become overwhelming. This is where we our team can be engaged and alleviate the headache.

For example, when a new phone or air-card needs to be procured a simple ticket is submitted and makes its way to an Agent like me. Our team members have honed their skills in handling technology’s most vital business tools in today’s ever-evolving high tech culture. Each request is always completed with the highest level of detail, efficiency and accuracy. Gone are the days of organizing and then tracking device shipping information or spending time on the phone with a carrier when an order needs assistance. Leave that to G2W! We realize the urgency and productivity each organization’s employees need to achieve in order to thrive in their roles. Each procurement request processed by our team is completed with this at the forefront of our minds.

All lines of business aim to satisfy their clients’ requests, yet many of them are only concerned with whether or not the task was completed. We take off those rose-colored glasses to ensure confidence that not only the task was completed, but it was done with attention to detail and a successful outcome was attained.

The next time a new project launches and the need for 2000 tablets arises or John loses yet another phone, G Squared’s procurement team will take care of all your procurement needs and let you stay focused on running your organization to full capacity.

-Alex Skidmore

Alex_HeadshotMeet Your Help Desk: Alex Skidmore

Alex Skidmore has been with G Squared for two years working as a Procurement Agent and Client Manager.

Originally from West Virginia, Alex moved to the Nashville area to pursue an education at Middle Tennessee State University. In his spare times he enjoys playing guitar and writing.

When he’s not consuming comic books or films, you’re likely to find him hiking around Tennessee.